Shoba Auditorium

Terms & Conditions

Shoba Auditorium is a much sought after destination for all kind of gatherings.

Terms & Conditions


Advance booking/security amount of Rs. 25,000/- must be paid to confirm the booking and an amount of Rs. 98,000/- plus taxes for 6-hour duration to be paid by current dated cheque /bank transfer to our account at least 30 days (one month) prior to the program/event date or else it will be considered as cancellation and the booking amount will not be refunded. Failure to pay the full amount before 30 days (one month) prior to event date, will lead to the cancellation of the allotted date.


Air Conditioning(A/C) will be provided only for 4 hours and its timing should be chosen by customer at the time of booking. Please be informed that, if A/C is required for more duration, customer should inform Shoba Auditorium office in writing at least two weeks prior to event date along with the extra payment of Rs.15,000/- plus Tax per hour in advance otherwise A/C will be switched off after 4 hours. Last minute request without any payment will not be accepted.


All the events must be concluded by the agreed/stipulated time limit. All caterers, invitees, guests, visitors, equipment’s, cleaning staff and employees of customer/renter must be out of Shoba Auditorium premise with in the agreed time limit. The client is not allowed to exceed the time frame as per the booking schedule. Extra time will be charged at Rs. 15,000/- extra per hour. Also please be informed that even if additional usage time is less than one hour, minimum amount charged will be Rs. 15,000/- plus tax.


For cancellation, if notified in writing and inform Shoba Auditorium office, two months (60 days) in advance from the event date,100%(Rs. 25,000/-) of the security deposit will be refunded. In case of cancellation less than two months (60 days) from event date, security deposit amount of Rs. 25,000/- per event will not be refunded and customer will not have any right to claim the amount.


No animals caged or uncaged will be allowed in the Shoba Auditorium premises and for using welcome elephants in the Shoba Auditorium premises, a prior permission must be obtained from the office of Shoba Auditorium and should have a no objection certificate from the proper government authorities.


The amount is inclusive of hall, green rooms, speakers & mike set, podium, existing two chairs for the stage, Traditional Lamp (1 no), Car Parking Facility inside our premises, toilets, electricity and water during the event. All other items (Catering/ Food, Stage & Flower decoration, Table & Chairs etc.) must be rented or purchased from outside as required by customer and has to be notified Shoba Auditorium office well in advance.


Waste management -Client must clean up the facility after use and must be returned in the same condition in which it was received. Also please make sure to take back immediately all waste materials like balance food, all plastic & non plastic items including plates,cups, carry bags, decoration materials, flowers, stage arrangement materials etc. within one hour after the event. If not removed immediately within one hour, there will be a penalty of minimum amount of Rs.15,000/-.Collection, handling and transportation of waste will be the responsibility of the customer/renter in compliance with all health, safety and environmental laws. Any approval, authorization or notices needed from any government or local self-government authorities for transportation of waste from Shoba Auditorium premises has to be obtained by the customer/renter on his sole risk. Customer/Renter shall be solely responsible for the proper disposal of all waste generated in performance of the event


Only those Caterers with valid Indian Government approved Licenses should be engaged for catering of food. Food must not be prepared inside A/C Hall. Customer shall take full responsibility for the quality of food and beverages being served at the event and shall indemnify Shoba Auditorium from any claims in this regard. It is mandatory to submit us the copy of Food and Safety license of the catering company before the function/event.


Live cooking, lighting of any type of fireworks, usage of chemicals making high density smoke, Helium or any low density gas filled Balloons should not be used inside Shoba Auditorium A/C Hall.


Space is rented solely for the benefit of Shoba Auditorium and his customer/renter. No other person accrues any right on the strength of renter’s/customers endorsements.


The additional power load requires for the purpose of audiography, videography, sound system, lighting etc. is limited to 3KVA.If the load is above 3KVA customer has to provide additional power source at their own cost and must be inform and must get written approval from Shoba Auditorium Management.


Sliding of furniture or equipment across the floor is prohibited. Costs to repair damage will be the responsibility of the customer. All transport carts inside the Hall are restricted to soft rubber wheeled vehicles. The use of barbeques or other outdoor cooking equipment must be pre-approved and may only be operated in designated areas. Fuel of any kind may not be stored inside the building at any time.


Usage of nails, tacks, adhesives, glues, fasteners or adhesive tape on the walls or floor is restricted. Any damage to building, floor and its trimmings will result in additional charges. And will be deducted from the security deposit. Drilling on floor, wall or ceiling are strictly prohibited in any circumstances. Paint on the wall & false ceiling work must not be spoiled with any decorations, chemicals, sprays etc. Costs to repair damage will be the responsibility of the customer.


Any damage to Shoba Auditorium facility must be reported in writing to Shoba Auditorium office immediately. Costs to repair damage or to replace with new is be the responsibility of the customer.


Floral gates, any other artifacts, Rangoli, Shingarimelam, Panchavadyam, theme activities, elephant welcoming, fireworks and cultural programmes during the course of the event need to be informed well in advance and is only permitted to do so in the specified areas allotted and after getting Government approval if required. If Shoba Auditorium has reason to believe that any event or part of it will affect the smooth operation, its security or reputation, Shoba Auditorium reserves the right to stop/cancel the event or any part of the it at their discretion without notice or liability.


Customer to make sure that they don’t create any nuisance to our neighbours like making loud noises, throwing garbage, cigarettes, parking in front of their premises etc.Customer to make sure that no damage is done to property of neighbours of Shoba Auditorium, and customer will be sole responsible for any claims by neighbours for any damages.Same shall apply for any 3rd party claims as well. Customer has to indemnify Shoba Auditorium and keep it indemnified against any legal proceedings or costs, charges, expenses and/or damages that may arise from any 3rd party or neighbours of Shoba auditorium for any damage to their property or injury or accident caused by customer or his agents, representatives, contarctors, guests,participants , visiting public and employees


Customer to inform their employees, agents, contractors and invitees/guests to carry their personal belongings and valuables in their custody at all time and suggest that the customer/renter /organizer to arrange insurance policy to cover such damages and/or loses that may arise. It is also the responsibility of the customer to provide personal insurance for their employees, agents, contractors and invitees/Guests. Customer and all his agents must create and maintain for the duration of the event, insurance against all claims for injury to persons or damage to any property in Shoba Auditorium premise which may arise from or in connection with the event


No event/program/function is allowed beyond 10 P.M. Strictly no extension of duration will be allowed after 10 PM. Even for pre-event program like stage decoration etc. work after 10 PM is not allowed. The event needs to be conducted in a peaceful manner and it should not create any disturbance to the nearby residents. All plans must be approved by Shoba Auditorium not less than seven days prior to the event. As per the Kerala Government rules audios/videos, if any, at an outdoor venue, requires to be imperatively switched off at 10 P.M. Any violation thereof is a punishable offence. Shoba auditorium Reserves the right to tune down the music volume as deemed necessary. Outdoor Audio video performance is strictly prohibited.


No additional speakers or music system or any noise creating devices from outside is permitted for any event/function/programs as it might lead to noise pollution and disturbance for our neighbours. Shoba auditorium reserves the right to tune down the music volume as deemed necessary.


Customer to make sure that all the amenities in our property including toilet fitting, light fitting, speakers, CCTV, flooring, generator, A/c units, furniture, walls, wall paper, sign boards, ceiling etc. is used without damage. Any damage to the auditorium property will be recovered from the customer at the time of final settlement and must pay further for any extra costs that may arise.


Shoba Auditorium will not be held responsible for failure to execute obligations specified herein directly or indirectly occasioned by or through or in consequence of war, change of status of Government, riots, hartal, any court order to stop/stay any event or functioning of Auditorium, strike, political, labour or any other union interference, natural calamity etc., Shoba Auditorium shall not be held responsible and no payment will be refunded to customer.


Shoba Auditorium will not be responsible nor will pay any compensations of any kind ,what so ever in case of events like terrorist attack, fire, robbery, theft, murder, fight, political fight, civil structure collapse, electric shock, unforeseen Technical or Electrical problem, any accidents etc. which cause death,injuries,mental trauma or financial loss to customer or his guest or his agents inside the auditorium premises. Customer has to indemnify Shoba Auditorium and keep it indemnified against any legal proceedings or costs, charges, expenses and/or damages that may arise from any non-settlement of payment and injury or accident caused to property used by him or his agents, representatives, contarctors, guests,participants and employees. Neither the customer nor his agents, representatives, contractors, guests, participants and employees will have any claim against Shoba Auditorium for any damages, either for personal injury or from any other cause or for any loss sustained as a result of temporary non-availability of any of the services. The customer shall effectively indemnify Shoba Auditorium against any liability whatsoever including that any injury or harm to the visiting public arising out of the event held at Shoba Auditorium.


2-Hour Pre-Set up time is allowed free of cost as complimentary [ without air-condition], however it will be based on availability and approval by Shoba Auditorium. The decision will be upon the sole discretion of Shoba Auditorium.


Customer to ensure that cars are parked and locked properly .Shoba Auditorium has no liability towards any sort of damages, accident, loss or theft that may arise in the parking facility availed within the premises


Customer to make sure that our garden is not damaged. Environment must be respected.


No sale of any objects is allowed in the premise without a Municipal license for the same. No temporary stalls or food counters are allowed to be erected in the area specified for car parking and drive away. Littering is strictly prohibited in our premises.


Customer must provide waste bins and all waste must be taken back after the event.


Any usage or consumption of any alcohol, spirit, drugs or any other banned substances inside our auditorium premises is strictly prohibited and is punishable under the Indian Law. Also usage of chewable tobacco, pan etc. and spitting in our premises is prohibited. Shoba Auditorium premises must not be used to sell or store any illegal material (like Explosives, Arms, Alcohol etc.) and customer will be fully responsible and will have to face the Indian Government Authority and its law. If any of the above material is found, Shoba Auditorium will have the right to dismiss the event immediately and no payment will be reimbursed to customer.


Shoba Auditorium and its premises must not be used for any criminal and unlawful activity. Indian law and rules must be followed and respected. Our premises must not be used for any hate speech or religious and political propaganda, violence against animals, any destruction to environment. Also any racism & abusive language and behavior will be not tolerated. If any of the above point is found, Shoba Auditorium will have the right to dismiss the event immediately and no payment will be reimbursed to customer.


No infringement of any copyright is permitted. Any infringement shall be at the sole risk of the customer.


Any dispute arising out of or in connection with this contract shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the courts in Ernakulam.


Customer shall notify all his agents, representatives, contractors, guests and employees of these terms & conditions.


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